Hi! I’m Raj Kasturi. Thanks for stopping by.

Agile Kingdom – The word kingdom here shouldn’t be read as an authoritative ruler who rules a kingdom. A synonym for kingdom is “domain” and domain means – specified sphere of activity or knowledge. In Sanskrit, Raj means King and since my name is Raj, I have used Agile Kingdom for this blog where I want to share my perspective or knowledge on agile.

This blog is created with an intent to sharing my knowledge in agile and learning from everyone by exchanging ideas. I want to blog about several topics in agile – from Scrum fundamentals to my daily experiences working with agile teams. I would like to blog at least once a month to begin with, and increase the frequency going forward. I also want to focus on topics like Personal agility, Big Data and anything related to agile. Your feedback is very important to me, so please comment on the blog or send me an email.

I have worked as a software professional for 28 + years, and Scrum is a beneficial framework (replacing conventional tools and processes) for product development. I wish to share this conviction and knowledge, and my passion for Scrum, with others. Having worked in the traditional Project Management area (PMP certified), teaching at Penn State University as an adjunct faculty for close to 20+ years and working as a technologist, I found that agile teams are more successful because people are empowered and being empowered along with other benefits is enough to continue on that path.

I have taught technology, Project Management and Scrum at Penn State and several organizations. I have also co-trained on Scrum with some of the best in the industry in the US, Europe, and India. I have also coached several agile teams as an enterprise as well as a team coach.

I have been a speaker at Global conferences, regional and local agile events. I am an active member of the Scrum User Group with Daily Agile, PA and other local and regional groups.

My Philosophy

I am passionate about agile and have helped teams using the Scrum framework with much success. Personal values are important and I definitely can relate to the 5 five values of Scrum – Courage, Focus, Openness, Respect and Commitment at a personal level. I have a strong commitment to life-long learning!

My Challenges

As a professional, many times my team and I met several challenges while executing these projects using the traditional water-fall methodology. Feedback on the product was inadequate or too late in the game, cost overruns and the product quality was not acceptable. I was first exposed to Scrum in late 2006; one project with which I was involved was a large-scale Agile transition project where I saw how the implementation of the Scrum frame-work transformed the enterprise – it was more cost-effective and we created a better product. I have since seen similar positive results while working with other organizations as a Scrum Master, Scrum Trainer and an agile Coach.

My Story

On a personal level, I have used Scrum practices from early on: After I earned my bachelor’s degree in India, my dream was to study in the U.S.A. In 1984, I went through the rigorous graduate school application process and was admitted to a U.S. program. However, my visa application was rejected. I applied for a visa every year for the next seven years and finally received my visa in 1991. I am celebrating my 25th year in this country now! I inspected and adapted at every step without knowing that I was following Scrum. Personal agility has become an important aspect of my life and I have been using agile to identify the most important aspects of life that bring out the best in me that allows me to juggle competing demands in my life. Time-boxing, prioritization and focus have helped me with this.

I live in Glen Mills, PA with my wife and three children – my daughter will graduate high school in 2018, my son is a freshman in high school, and my younger son will be entering middle school in September 2017.

What next?

Please continue to look for some interesting blogs in the future and if you have any questions about Scrum and need help with your organization implementing Scrum, please get in touch with me. Whether you need help with training, coaching or a simple question, please contact me. If you also need for me to speak at any events in your organization about Scrum, I will be glad to help with that.